Weekly Update



  • 10/16: Service39 Planning Meeting, 3-4pm in B200 Loft & Gallery

  • 10/18: TK-3 Carnival, 5-7pm on the Pavilion 

  • 10/18: GRANTS39 Deadline, see below

  • 10/18: Spiritwear Friday

  • 10/18: Inclusion39 Meeting, 9am Showcase

  • 10/21: Collection Box for AniMeals, see below

  • 10/31: Halloween Parade

  • 10/31: Minimum Day - 12:30pm Dismissal

  • 11/08: 6/7/8 Dance, 6-8pm in the Showcase

  • 11/11: Veteran’s Day - No School

  • 11/22: GATE Testing Registration ends

    39 DAYS OF GIVING:  Stay tuned for upcoming recognition and celebration for all of us reaching our goal.  We are so grateful to everyone for their support and generosity! 

    TRAFFIC VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  A volunteer opportunity for those who are short on time but want to lend a helping hand! We need traffic assistance in the afternoons and we only ask that you commit to 15 minutes. Please see the Sign Up Genius: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0a4eaba82da4f58-kinder If you have any questions reach out to our Traffic Safety Chair Marlena Weldon at marlena@design39collaborative.org. Learn more about this opportunity here and your help is greatly appreciated.

    LOFT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Are you looking for a flexible volunteer opportunity, to drop in whenever your schedule allows, for any amount of time? If so,  please reach out to our loft Classroom Ambassador Blanco Oliveras at bolivares1@gmail.com

    GRANTS39: Thanks to your generosity during the 39 Days of Giving, Grants39 is funded and the submission window is now open! Are you an LED, Student or Parent looking to expand on an Exploration? Do you or your student have a GIANT idea that impacts grade spans or the entire campus? Apply for a Collaborative Grant today! Find the link to the application here under the “Give” heading on the Collaborative’s website. LAST DAY TO APPLY 10/18.

    SERVICE39:   Service39 will hold a service project planning meeting on Wednesday, October 16, from 3-4pm in the Loft. Everyone is welcome- bring your ideas!  During October, Service39 will be collecting pet food for the AniMeals program at the Helen Woodward Center, which provides pet food to home-bound seniors and disabled individuals (including veterans). There will be a collection box in the Welcome Center 10/21-11/08. Also boxes will be at the TK-3 Carnival and 6/7/8 Dance. Any brand of dry, or canned, cat or dog food is fine.  Food must be unopened, unexpired and non-prescription. For more information about AniMeals, click here.

    INCLUSION39 MEETING: Rescheduled!  Please join our group for parents of neurodivergent children (what is neurodiversity?), which we are now calling Inclusion39. We met one time last spring and we will be having our first meeting for the 2019-2020 school year next Friday, Oct. 18 at 9am in the Showcase!! We are a collaborative group of parents, working together with the school, to make a positive impact. Please join us as we hope to support one another, share updates and discuss ideas for this year. Contact Kelly for questions kellyjdelatorre@gmail.com. 

    TK-3 CARNIVAL: TK-3 Families: Join us for some Food, Fun and Games! Our TK-3 Carnival is on Friday October 18th from 5:00-7:00 pm in the Pavilion. RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tk-3-carnival-tickets-74643365315. See the attached flyer and we hope to see you there! The TK-3 carnival will open at 4:30 for children who have sensory sensitivities, who are on the autism spectrum, or who have other disabilities. We kindly ask that others respect this time so these families have an opportunity to enjoy a quieter and less crowded carnival. The carnival will open at 5 for all TK-3 families.

    4/5 CONNECTING EVENT:  Update: The 4/5 Connecting Event has been postponed- New date coming soon.  

    HALLOWEEN: We are excited to celebrate Halloween with you and your students at our annual costume parade on Thursday, October 31st from 9:15-9:45 am.  A few important details: If your student is choosing to dress up, please send them to school in costume and ready for the parade. They may bring a change of clothes, if they want to change after the parade.  Costumes must be appropriate (no weapons, no masks, no blood). Parents are invited to watch from the bridges overlooking the promenade or around the cones and reserved areas in the promenade. There will be a photo booth BEFORE school to take pictures of, and with, your student(s).  Ms. Grimmer's photography class will take pictures during the parade. Please allow the flow of the parade to continue by not stopping students to take pictures during the parade. Students will go to their classes as usual at 8:45 am to take attendance, and line up with their classes on the blacktop before the parade starts.  Please reach out to lead39students@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. Happy Halloween!

    HALLOWEEN CANDY BUY BACK PROGRAM:  D39C will be participating in the iOrtho Halloween Candy Buy Back program.  You may donate candy Nov. 1 through Nov. 7 in the Welcome Center. Donated candy will go to military troops, Casa de Los Pobres, The San Diego Rescue Mission, Girl Scouts and other local organizations.  iOrtho will give D39C one dollar per pound of candy donated.

    6/7/8 DANCE: Tropical Tango: The under the sea 6/7/8 Dance will be Friday, November 8 from 6-8PM in the Showcase.  Join us for music, games, pizza, snacks, dessert, and fun! Drop off will be from 6:00-6:30 pm and pick up from 8:00-8:20. Once students arrive at the dance, they must stay for the duration. Students can RSVP following through this link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc3EMCNi6MKNp64l45CbzdCQSc3IfgkpjWJuTye1HpyuVwl3Q/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1 

    GATE TESTING INFORMATION 2019-2020:  Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) involves services for students whose cognitive needs may require modified classroom curriculum and instruction to accommodate their learning differences and ensure their achievement. Parents may request GATE testing for students in grades 2-7. To request GATE testing for your child, complete a GATE Parent Questionnaire/Test Consent form online through the PUSD GATE webpage https://onlinereg.powayusd.com/GateSurvey/  The request submission window is September 9 through November 22, 2019.  The test will take place on either January 15th or 16th at D39C.  NOTE: Requests for GATE Testing will only be taken during the request submission window dates.


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