PUSD Lottery Process  

Poway Unified School District is very proud of its schools and programs that ensure career and college readiness for every student.  There are situations that can occur upon enrollment into our schools or programs that necessitate a transparent lottery process to determine placement into a seat.  Some of these situations occur at schools that are near capacity in certain grade levels, or schools where special programs/pathways are offered for which interest is high. To ensure consistency of practice, the following overall practices are district-wide as part of any lottery process:

  • Information meetings are held for the community so that attendees will:

    • Gain understanding of the program and/or need for a lottery to be used.

    • Hear all timelines, priority criteria, and date(s) of the lottery draw.

  • Parents confirm interest by filling forms made available so that parents/guardians may express interest in being considered for enrollment via a lottery process.  

  • The lottery is held on the date specified and is witnessed by the principal, staff from LSS and IT. A wait list is generated of those not enrolled via the lottery draw.  Each draw will be videotaped.

  • Communication includes website language, feeder school outreach, email notification if enrolled through the lottery, and personal communication from administrators if not enrolled.

  • Staff from Ed Tech and LSS attend site meeting after lottery draw to participate in placement process.

Optional Enrollment - Design39Campus is a school of optional enrollment and offers a TK-8 opportunity to students and families in a lab school setting for innovation.  The following process will be used for students interested in applying to D39C.

  • Hold parent information meetings and make application forms available.

  • Student Identification numbers and names of the students participating in the lottery are sent to our IT department.  IT generates a spreadsheet of all students using our student information system.

  • District staff from IT and Learning Support Services (LSS) works with the site staff to identify rules for two separate lotteries after staff at the school conduct census survey to determine the number of students returning of current families at the school. One lottery draw is for students who live within the school boundaries in specified CFDs, and the second is for seats open district-wide spread evenly across the grades.

    • PUSD employee in alignment with CA Education code, employee works at the school site.

    • Siblings of students who live within boundary concurrently enrolled in the school, including twins.

    • Children of PUSD employees who do not work at the school and are in PUSD attendance will be drawn as part of the IDT pool of applicants.

    • For a small number of seats open to children who live in PUSD attendance at elementary and middle school levels and are interested in transferring in using 85% of draw from site elementary feeder schools and 15% outside feeder schools. The number of seats is limited and determined by Cabinet annually.

    • Students who live within the school boundaries in specified CFDs.

    • Remaining applicants that require an IDT

    • Balance gender 50% male/female.

    • Demographics of the draw will reflect percentages of populations of students from neighboring schools.

  • On the specific date of the lottery, the school principal, staff from IT and LSS meet at the (district office or school site) and conduct the lottery draw using the random number generator application.

  • School staff notifies parents via email that they are placed at the school.  Principal or designee emails/calls families of students that did not get in and informs them of our provisional student placement process at a neighboring school.

  • Enrollment at D39C for students on IDT does not guarantee enrollment at Del Norte High School.