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GATE - Gifted and Talented Education testing registration window is open online now until November 30, 2018.  Parents may request GATE testing for students in Grades 2-7 by enrolling online. 

It’s important to remember that D39C does not have a traditional GATE program. We offer differentiated educational courses that provide advanced and accelerated development via classroom learning activities, Explorations and Deep Dive classes on a regular basis to all our students.  

If children become GATE identified at D39C, it will not affect their schedule.  They will participate as all students do, in classes that provide an opportunity to meet their potential. 

Why have students take the GATE test at D39C?  Parents choose to have their children do this for personal reasons.  If a "GATE identified child" transfers to another Poway school, the identification remains with the child until the 8th grade.  There are no GATE programs in high school since AP classes are offered. 

To view general information from the PUSD GATE webpage, click on this link:


2018-2019 GATE Testing Request Submission Window:

September 10 through November 30, 2018


January 15, 2019

(testing occurs during the school day)

To request GATE testing for your child, complete a GATE Parent Questionnaire/Test Consent form online through the PUSD GATE webpage

NOTE: Requests for GATE Testing will only be taken during the request submission window dates.

Questions: Amy Richardson, D39C Design Facilitator