Pod C Kindergartners Imagine their Dream Houses

Kindergarteners in Mrs. Power & Mrs. Fousek's homeroom have been learning about geometry, measurement, retelling stories, story sequence, and comparing and contrasting. Here is a video to give you a tiny view into the learning happening in this architecture experience.

Kinder Loop Update

Change is in the air!  Once the concrete was poured filling the easement, the City of San Diego moved quickly to install the new stop signs at the Kinder Loop entrance.  The City will now install crosswalks within the next 30-days.  It is very evident that traffic has slowed becoming more organized, and thus safer for our children.  Thank you for adhering to these new safety features.

Now that we have a clear picture of traffic flow, we are in the process of reinventing the Kinder Loop.  New safety features will appear over the next couple of weeks along with a video highlighting these features and procedures to ensure the safety of our children.  As always, please remember to:

  1. Pull in and continuously move forward to make space for other cars entering.
  2. Have students exit from the right side of the car.
  3. Be ready to unload once stopped (sun screen, brushing, backpacks, water bottles, etc. ready to go)
  4. Please remain in your car so continuous forward movement is insured. (there’s no parking to wait for kiddos)

If walking your kiddo to their homeroom, please park in the large parking lot or on Zaslavsky.

Thanks for your help in keeping our D39C community safe!