Field Trip

2/3 Old Town Field Trip Preview

The 2nd and 3rd graders are taking a trip to Old Town, San Diego. Old Town is a historic piece of San Diego full of rich culture and history, including houses, banks, hotels, jails, and a cemetery. The 3rd graders we interviewed are very excited about visiting!

The students have been learning about an essential question : San Diego history - Then & Now. Old Town was founded by Spanish settlers exploring California. Students will get a hands on a tour, getting to see how these Spanish settlers lived. The kids will get to see artifacts and culture first hand, and the tour guides will even perform skits with them to keep the trip interesting. Overall, the trip will show them how San Diego was then, versus now.

We interviewed teacher, Mrs. Castillo, about the field trip. “They really get to see all of those things, and make sense of history long ago versus today. They get to make those comparisons.”