Mixed Media Characters

The 6/7 Art and Design Deep Dive students are making self-portraits that they call Mixed Media Characters. They got to express their interests through their artwork. The self-portraits are describing the person's inner self, not the students' appearances. The students were able to use different art materials for this project.

You might wonder where they are going to put these art projects. Mrs. Grissom, the teacher for this class, painted an entire wall black so that they could  hang the projects. The kids in this class have been developing their project for about seven class periods. They have worked really hard and they tried to make it personal and important to them while still showing the silly part of them! They got to show things about them that most people don't know. They liked expressing themselves on paper. The class loved that it was unique and each was very different in their own ways. These Mixed Media Characters are a great way for students to express themselves in a fun, creative way!

By Zil, grade 6

School News Team

Tick, Tock... K-1 Students Make Clocks!

The B pod K/1 classes made clocks out of different found items. They have many materials that were laying around at home and made them into fantastic clocks. Who knew clocks could be so original?

The kids went through the design process to make these clocks. They planned the clocks and they made a checklist of what they were going to make. Then they started making the clocks. They decided to make clocks because in math they were learning about time and they were not really interested in time because they could always look at a digital clock.  So the K-1 LEDs decided that making analog clocks would be fun could get the kids excited about learning about time.  After they made their clocks they would have to learn how to tell time.

The clocks could be anything they wanted them to be they didn't have to be just round or square. August in Mrs. Kasner’s class, made a skateboard clock. They got to use a drill and some kids got to use a Dremel. The kids were really excited about the clocks and really worked hard on this project.  

By:  Zil, Noor, Iniyaa

D39C School News Team


FutureNOW! Conference 2016

FutureNOW! Conference 2016 is officially in the books. What an incredible day of learning, sharing and connecting with amazing educators, thought leaders and education partners! On April 30th, over 300 educators from all over California gathered at Design39Campus for a day of professional learning and networking. We kicked off the conference with two of our talented D39C students and was inspired by a keynote from innovation expert, Milton Chen. From there, educators disbursed into breakout session ranging from Design Thinking, to STEAM Powered Little Bits, to launching rockets. It was truly an inspiring day of learning. One attendee commented: "That was amazing! Very inspiring and gave me renewed desire to change."

Thank you all for attending the FutureNOW! Conference. Here is the #edchatSD Storify from the amazing event: http://sfy.co/i1Ncd  You can keep updated about the conference at http://futurenowedu.net .

We hope to see you next year!

Join us for Bike to School Day on May 4

Pump up those tires and get your helmets ready! D39C is participating in National Bike to School Day on May 4th, 2016. Teams of student bikers accompanied by adult volunteers will follow routes of varying distances with a celebrity LED – choose the best route for your children based on their ages and biking abilities. Or you may choose to bike independently and join the celebration on campus before school. There will be coffee and bagels for adult participants! Details on LED participation and routes will be revealed next week!! Contact: Kyle Kupper at kkupper@powayusd.com.

Click here to sign up!!

Magic of Soldering

From the 6/7 School News Team

Here at Design 39, all 7th grade students have to take a PLTW (Project Lead the Way) course. For the 7th graders this year, their class is called Magic of Electrons. At this point in the year, the 7th grade students are soldering. Soldering is basically welding objects together in this certain way. They are currently soldering wires together but will soon use this technique to create a circuit board for their very own night lights.

Sneak Peek into the D39C Kitchen

The School News Team toured the kitchen to find out more about how the food at D39C is made.

Some of you may think, is the school food imported? Is it frozen? Is it brought to school by a truck? Well here’s one thing for sure. It is made fresh by the food and nutrition cooks.

Four student reporters went down under to the kitchen to look behind the scenes. They showed us how they prepped the food and got it out into the food court.

The two of the coldest places in the kitchen are the freezer which is -10 degrees and the other would be the fridge. They use them for the hot dogs or other meats that will be ready by the next day.  Two of the news group members went inside, finding out that it was so cold.

They also have ovens. Not one, not two, but seven ovens just to cook your food! The ovens are fast heating and it takes only ten minutes to cook the pizza.

And you thought that it was imported from a truck that ships it to the cafeteria! The reality is, they don't just heat up the food and serve it, they actually cook it on site. Maybe this helps change your mind on the food here at Design39. We should appreciate the cooks and what they do to make our food. Thank you to the 39 Cafeteria workers for spending your time to make our food.


 The B114 homeroom with Tyler Borek.

The B114 homeroom with Tyler Borek.

We had a special opportunity yesterday to meet with Tyler Borek, creator of Literably.  What is Literably? Literably is a classroom tool that helps elementary teachers monitor students’ progress in reading. The site administers and scores oral reading assessments (with a comprehension check), so teachers can spend less time assessing and more time teaching. 

The 2nd and 3rd grade span has been working closely with Literably for the last two years.  From in-person to video conferences to emails, our relationship is mutually beneficial. Yesterday we had a lunch meeting with Tyler.  We learned that La Mesa-Spring Valley and Mountain View schools are using Literably district wide (Wow!).  We also had a chance to ask questions and give suggestions for site improvement. 

 (From left to right) Abby Robles, Carly Ciuffreda, Tyler Borek, Patrick Dela Cruz, Kate Stanley, Kriscia Cabral, Maureen Dunn, Brenda Gillies, Anna Johnson

(From left to right) Abby Robles, Carly Ciuffreda, Tyler Borek, Patrick Dela Cruz, Kate Stanley, Kriscia Cabral, Maureen Dunn, Brenda Gillies, Anna Johnson

And then.....

Tyler stayed after lunch to meet with students. My homeroom students had a question/answer opportunity. "What inspired you to create Literably?" "Who helped you create Literably?" "How did you come up with the name?" "Was it hard to rewrite the code for iOS?" 

 Students in B114 asking Tyler about Literably.

Students in B114 asking Tyler about Literably.


After questions, the students gave Tyler suggestions to improve Literably.  

  • More variety with passages
  • More comprehension questions
  • Instant feedback after answering comprehension questions
 Students offering suggestions to improve Literably.com 

Students offering suggestions to improve Literably.com 

After our chat, Tyler stayed to see the students as they completed their weekly Literably recordings.  When they came to me with Literably questions, as they sometimes do, I happily directed them to ask Tyler for help :) 

 Kai, Gabriel and Lainey seeking help. 

Kai, Gabriel and Lainey seeking help. 

What a small moment filled with awesome memories for all involved! Tyler Borek is an inspiration, an innovator, a mentor, and a friend to us at Design39Campus. 


Virtual Reality Book Reports in 2/3

 Quiet on set!

Quiet on set!

Kids in Mr. DC's homeroom are filming virtual reality book reports for the book Holes. 

 Practicing the filming process

Practicing the filming process

Using the virtual reality app Aurasma, kids will be able to broadcast their reports whenever someone points their camera at the posters they designed! Very cool! 

 Whenever anyone points their phone at the screen, our virtual book reporters will pop up! 

Whenever anyone points their phone at the screen, our virtual book reporters will pop up!