Tick, Tock... K-1 Students Make Clocks!

The B pod K/1 classes made clocks out of different found items. They have many materials that were laying around at home and made them into fantastic clocks. Who knew clocks could be so original?

The kids went through the design process to make these clocks. They planned the clocks and they made a checklist of what they were going to make. Then they started making the clocks. They decided to make clocks because in math they were learning about time and they were not really interested in time because they could always look at a digital clock.  So the K-1 LEDs decided that making analog clocks would be fun could get the kids excited about learning about time.  After they made their clocks they would have to learn how to tell time.

The clocks could be anything they wanted them to be they didn't have to be just round or square. August in Mrs. Kasner’s class, made a skateboard clock. They got to use a drill and some kids got to use a Dremel. The kids were really excited about the clocks and really worked hard on this project.  

By:  Zil, Noor, Iniyaa

D39C School News Team