School News… What We Do in Our Class

School News… What We Do in Our Class
                                           By: Maya, School News Team

This year at Design39Campus we are offering many different deep dives, and one of them is School News.  If you don't already know, School News is a class where kids can write articles or make videos about interesting things that are going to happen on campus or that are happening on campus.

File_000 (1).jpeg In School News, there are steps to making a proper school article or video. First, you have to pick your topic that you want to do an article on and if you have a partner pick something with your partner.  Next, if you need to, you can interview the teacher that teaches the class and ask them some questions.  Then, you have to take all your information and put it into a interesting article or video.  Finally, you edit your article or video, making sure everything makes sense. For your final touch, your teacher checks it over making sure it is ready to be posted on the school blog.  Once she approves, it is ready to be put on the blog.

There are many interesting and exciting things going on around our campus, such as our other amazing deep dives and explorations on campus.  Also the school sometimes holds movie nights, beach clean ups, carnivals, and other school activities.  

Lately in school news, kids have been making videos about what has been going on around campus, the up coming stuff that is happening in class, and the events on campus.

I hope that you enjoyed hearing about all that we do in our deep dive, School News.