Movie Night At Design39

Movie Night At Design39
by Angelyn and Nitya

20151028_182722.jpgIMG_6790.JPG The movie night was on October 28, 2015 in the showcase of D39C. The gates opened at 5:30 p.m. and the movie started at 6:00 p.m. This year’s movie was Halloween themed and the movie that they played was Hotel Transylvania. 

We got a chance to talk to one of the collaborative parents that was running the event, and she said, “We thought it would be something fun for the kids to do. We love the movie and especially with Hotel Transylvania 2 right now in theaters, I think that it would be a great choice, and it falls on Halloween, so it all just kind of worked together.” The collaborative isn’t planning on doing another movie night this year, but they are planning on a Family Night and a Magic Trick Night.  “We got to spend about 100 dollars, which was mainly on the little giveaways, the little baggies.” The collaborative prepared 400 treat bags. They wanted the kids to have some fun and with Hotel Transylvania 2 coming out and Halloween coming up, it all just came together. Right when the students came in to get ready, an adult was handing out treat bags to the students.There are about 135 people including parents.
IMG_6793.JPGWe interviewed some kids about what they thought too.  One student that goes to this school didn’t really like the movie as much. What she liked about the event was the popcorn. If there was going to be another movie night this year, she would come , but only if it is a better movie.
We also interviewed two adults. They brought their kids to the movie night because they were excited. They were excited because it was a new movie and they got to hang out with their family. The parents thought the movie was great. Their kids liked the goody bags that were handed out before the movie started. They would come again if there was another movie night this year but they would like it better if the event was on a Friday. The email that was sent out was a great reminder for them.

The Movie Night was a big success and lots of fun. We just can’t wait until the next one!  Can you?