DIY Secret Message in the Egg

By Bria Gilliam and Ashika Palacharla, 4-5 School News Team

Do you want something “eggciting” for your friend’s birthday! Well we have something “eggscellent” for you...a DIY secret message in an egg! It’s easy, quick, inexpensive, and it’s “eggsactly” what you are looking for! It will be “eggstravagant”. 

It will turn out to be an “eggstraordinary” gift for any occasion with the easy-to-follow video and written steps.

Step 1: Take a bowl and place it on a flat surface.


Step 2: Bring out your needle or nail and your egg out of the refrigerator


Step 3: Hold your egg over the bowl and t

ake your needle or nail and poke it through the egg on the top and bottom of the egg. (It might not go through the first time, so start hitting your egg with your needle or nail hard so it makes a hole.)


Step 4: Through one of the holes made by the needle or nail, clasp your mouth around the hole and blow. The egg yolk inside of the egg will begin to ooze



Step 5: Once all the yolk is out, rinse your egg thoroughly.  Once done rinsing, dry it and make sure no drops of water are left.


Step 6: Now that your egg is dry you can paint it with any color you wish, let the paint dry, and decorate after.


Step 7: Take your sticky note and scissors.


Step 8: Cut off the sticky part off of the note. You might have to cut some of the sides to get the sticky note to fit.


Step 10: Write any note you wish on the sticky note.


Step 11: Roll up your note thin enough to go through the hole in your egg.


Step 12: Take your note and slide it through the hole in your egg.


And your secret message in an egg is done!!!!

Here is the How-To Video to help with your creation!