Design39Campus Candy Buy Back

Design39Campus Candy Buy Back
By Lauren M. and Tori E

This year was D39C’s second annual Candy Buy Back. Students dropped off all of their unwanted candy in a bin near The Welcome Center. The candy was then taken by Moser Orthodontics and then donated to the Military Troops and The San Diego Rescue Mission. For every pound of candy that D39C collected, Moser Orthodontics gave Design39Campus $1.
Moser Orthodontics have been doing this for 7 years. Twenty other elementary school participate in the candy buy back with Moser Orthodontics. Each year they try and beat their record, and last year they did. Last year, Moser Orthodontics collected 4,000 pounds! That’s a lot of candy!
This year Design39Campus collected 246.5 pounds! Good job D39C’ers! That means that Moser Orthodontics gave D39C $246.50! That is a lot of money! Sadly, this year, Moser Orthodontics did not beat their record. But, they were very close. They raised 3,170 pounds in all.
Thank you to all the kids who donated their unwanted candy to D39C. You guys really are making all the Military Troops and San Diego Rescue Mission happy!