What’s Going on During Lunch?

What’s Going on During Lunch?

Article By: Kate Rozell and Eurielle Hasim, School News Team

IMG_3727.JPGHere at Design39Campus, we have so many activities for students to get active during lunch time and great  lunches and areas for kids. If you buy lunch, they measure all the protein, nutrition, calories, carbohydrate, fat, and vitamins in the food to make sure our students are eating a healthy lunch. Bringing lunch is a good option too, you can pack your child’s meal. We have 3 areas for students to eat lunch. We have the turf (the false grass), the outdoor lunch tables, and in the Showcase. The Showcase is more cooler than the other areas because it has air conditioning. If you are too cold to sit in there, there is always the outdoor lunch tables. But if there are too many kids, maybe you can sit on the turf.


IMG_3757.JPG        One of the favorite activities is scooter games in the Fitness Lab. The Fitness Lab is split into two sections and one part is for strength and training and getting fit. The other part is for scooters and other fun games. For the students’ safety, we have Motion Managers to keep us safe from doing dangerous things or if they think we could get hurt by what we’re doing. People also like playing in the Pavilion. Sometimes kids play with scooters there, too. Usually, on certain days, dodgeball is open and the students split up into two teams and play. 

On the black top, there are quite a few games to play. They painted white shapes on the ground so students could play four corners and fun games like that. There are handball walls, basketball, and tetherball. Some kids create their own games on the field but kids mostly play soccer.  A fun thing to do if you don’t want to play outside, is go into the gameroom! The gameroom has a lot of fun activities. There is ping pong and foosball and a whole world of fun games. There is arts and crafts, rainbow loom, card games, board games, and puzzles, too. The game room is open at lunch time every Tuesday and Thursday, for now. Soon, they’re going to change the days so we can have more time in the game room.

Kids love the fun activities we have going on at lunch and we are lucky to have so many happy students in this campus.