The E-Waste Drive - October 28th & 29th

The E-Waste Drive
Helping out the Global Problem
By: Nitya, School News Reporter

IMG_0384.JPGDo you have any old devices in your house that you don’t use, or just don’t work?  Well, I’m here to tell you that those devices can be hazardous to you and other people.  Those devices add onto a big problem called e-waste.

You may be wondering, what is e-waste or why it is a problem?  E-waste is all of the old, broken, unused devices just lying about.  It’s a problem, because all of these devices have many chemicals inside of them, waiting to leak out.  When you throw these devices out, they land in a landfill. When they just sit in a landfill, lead, mercury, and even more chemicals leak out and poison the ground, the air, or water source.  These chemicals also affect the health of the people in the surrounding area.

Some students at Design39 have chosen to do something about this e-waste problem.  So, do you have any old devices in your house that you don’t use, or just don’t work that you really want to get rid of?  Well, if you do, the chance to get rid of them is coming soon. On October 28th and 29th, the First Lego League Team, ‘EVAwesome’,  will collect your e-waste for recycling after school at Design 39.  Drop off your old devices in the e-waste collection bin, located at the school parking lot. Once you drop it off, the electronic waste will get picked up and recycled.  Not only will you get rid of the devices you don’t need, but you will help solve a global problem.  Help out the school and the earth, take care of this digital problem.