Service39 Making a Change in Our World

Service39 Making a Change in Our World
By Lauren M., School News Reporter

Our first round of explorations is over and our new ones are here. Service39 is one of the many new explorations here at Design39Campus. It is a way for students to not only interact with their school, but to interact with their community. While in Service 39, you get to find a charitable topic that you can use to write an project proposal, make a flyer, and to put your project out into the community. While doing this you can earn money for a good cause!

Kolby, grade 6, weaving a waterproof sleeping
mat for the homeless.

While interviewing Mrs. Eveleth, the LED of this class,  I learned some interesting things about Service39. The Service39 class is an extension of D39C’s Collaborative group, and it was created by two parents, Mrs. Bradshaw and Mrs. McKittrick. After some brainstorming, the Service39 participants decided to create care packages for the homeless. As Mrs. Eveleth said, everyone is responsible for a part of the package. Some students are responsible for figuring out a way to pack the goods and decorate the package.  Some students are responsible for weaving a 6 foot by 3 foot waterproof sleeping mat made out of Plarn, a yarn made out of recycled plastic bags. Other students are collecting blanket, toys and other things for the homeless people including pet food, toys for young children, and other goodies.

Service39 is doing a great deed to our world. Thanks Service39!