Celebrating Veterans Day with DIY’s

Celebrating Veterans Day with DIY’s
By: Cadence N. and Malak S.

November 11th is the day we celebrate Veteran’s Day, a day to honor all victims and veterans from all US wars. It is also the anniversary of the end of World War I. To show appreciation for a veteran we can celebrate with a special craft.

Veterans Day Cards! These supportive cards are the perfect gift for a veteran. The things you will need to make these cards are one blank card, some blue, white, and red paper, a marker or sharpie, and glue. Also, try to find a piece of paper that is the same color as the card. First, write your message inside and write “Thank You” at the bottom on the face of the card. Next, take your red paper and cut a rectangle that will fit in the blank space, do the same thing for the white and blue. Then, take the same colored paper as the card and cut out three stars and place them on the bottom of the red, white, and blue stripes. Lastly, glue the stars on the strips and then glue the strips on the card!

Flag my Heart! To make this simple craft you will need red paper, white paper, blue paper, glue, and scissors. First, take the red paper and cut out the shape of a heart. Next, take your blue and cut out a square. Than, take your white paper and cut out a star and three stripes. Finally, glue them in their places and you are done!

Hands Together as One! This is a picture for your veteran. You will need Blue Paint, Red Paint, White Paint, a piece white paper, and a paint brush.  First take your white paper, blue paint, and the paint brush and make a square/rectangle in the top left corner.  Next paint your fingers white and place them on the blue to make stars. After  paint your whole hand red and place them on the paper to make red stripes. Ta-Da! You care finished with your Hands Together as One Project!

Lastly are Flag Flower Jars! To make this craft you will need Red Paint, White Paint, Blue Paint, a Star Stencil and 3 mason jars.  First you will take two of the mason jars and paint white and red stripes. Next take your 3rd jar and paint it blue. When the blue jar dries take the stencil and paint stars from the stencil. Ta-Da! Now you have crafty, different flower jars!

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