Art and Design at Design39

Art and Design at Design39
by Angelyn, School News Team

There are many good Deep Dives that are happening at this school for 6th and 7th grade students. But not everyone knows what they are and what they do. So here is one of them, the Art and Design Deep Dive.

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Right now in the Art and Design class, Mrs. Grissom is teaching contouring line drawing. Mrs. Grissom said, “They used what they have learned to use, the elements of design and the principle of art.” She has planned to do outside composition with the students soon.

Mrs. Grissom chose this class to teach because she loves art and teach students the best it can be. She teaches kids to express themselves.

I asked a few questions to the students during 6/7 Deep Dive.  So let’s see what they say about Art and Design.
Faith likes art but sometimes she thinks it’s frustrating. She chose this class as her Deep Dive because she mainly likes art. The most interesting thing she likes about this class is countering drawing. Countering drawing is when you look at what you’re drawing and make it look realistic.  So far, Faith thinks she made a lot of progress. She pretty much like to draw during her free time but not all always.
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Taylor may like the Art and Design class. The interesting thing that she likes about the class is probably drawing their shoes. She wouldn’t choose this class again because she want to try different Deep Dives. She likes everything that is happening in this class and there is nothing she doesn’t like. Taylor thinks that she is doing pretty well in the Deep Dive.

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Melisa likes this class because it let her and the class express their drawing. The thing that Melisa likes about this class is the art and Mrs. Grissom. The most interesting thing about this class is doing a lot of countering drawing. The thing that Melissa doesn’t like about this class is that they have to use certain drawing tools to complete their projects. She thinks she is doing really well in the elements of art. During Melisa’s free time, she always draw because her passion is drawing.

The students and their class have learned a lot about art since the first day of Deep Dive. From making their drawing realistic, drawing their shoe, and drawing outside. They have learned so much from their Deep Dive teacher, Mrs. Grissom.