By Eurielle and Riley  

Our fun after school program, BRIDGE, has got fun
active games for our students! It is a cool way to continue school if parents are at work. Mr. Donny, our BRIDGE head staff that works full time, has creative activities for our students.  

RileyandMe.jpgWe asked him questions about BRIDGE and we got some interesting answers. “What do you like most about BRIDGE?” we asked. “It gives students an opportunity to continue their school day with Exploration and MIM.  We’re trying to make that the most fun for the students.”

Donnie.JPGThe students can continue school and work on homework, study, and play fun games during BRIDGE. “What are some of the projects you guys have done and are doing?” we asked. “Some things are simple arts and crafts and cardboard building and music or robotics.” They do cool crafts like for example, salt art. They make pictures with glue then sprinkle salt on top. It turned out really cool in the end.

“What has changed from last year and this year?”  Last year was Design39Campus’ first year and grand opening for the students. “Staff are bringing their superpowers, more kids, and 7th graders.” Since this is the second year at Design39campus, it should have changed. “Do you have special plans for students this year?” Mr. Donny answered saying that there was a new program called Mentors to Motivate. Mentors to Motivate is a program where students receive additional homework assistance. Each student has a mentor. They can do arts and crafts. Or play at the basketball courts!

This was what Mr. Donny had to say about the amazing BRIDGE! After gathering this information we came to the conclusion that you better watch out because this year BRIDGE is gonna be AWESOME!