7th Graders are Off to Camp!

7th graders are off to camp!
By Tamara Alsaied, School News Team

From October 5th to October 9th, 7th graders of Design39 will be shipped off to Cuyamaca Outdoor School. The outdoor education camp is typically for 6th graders but, the LED’s of 6th and 7th grade decided it’s best to have the 6th graders go to a three day camp, and have the 7th graders go on a five day camp. The camp, or outdoor school, will solely be focused on education of the environment.
IMG_4359.JPGBella, a 7th grade student in Mr. Fitzpatrick's homeroom, explained to me in further depth about the outdoor education center. “One day we will be doing archery and rock climbing, and another day we will be learning about the environment. It’s kind of pricey though, $375 per student!” Mr. Fitzpatrick (shown on the right) has gone to Camp Cuyamaca 14 times! “You will be learning without knowing it!” Mr. Fitzpatrick tells us about the camp. Students will be separated into groups for when they go on adventures.  
While some students are on adventures, other students will be in the outdoor classroom. In the outdoor classroom students will be learning about the environment. Sounds like fun, right! On the website, the officials says that students come back to their regular learning environment more successful with learning!  And don’t worry, if you have food allergies they won’t give you the food allergy. They have a kitchen with a chef on the campus!
7th graders, have lots of fun and 6th graders, let’s enjoy our short lunch lines. If you would like to learn more about Camp Cuyamaca just click on the link down below! http://www.sdcoe.net/student-services/outdoored/pages/outdoor-schools-6th-grade-camp.aspx