What You Want Changed… About 6/7 Explorations

What You Want Changed… About 6/7 Explorations
By Fiona and Bella, School News Team
This past week, we had the honor of conducting a survey on the Exploration choices for sixth and seventh grade. Many responses were given, in fact, 100! Thank you all to those who took time to complete our questions.
The answers we received were thoroughly astonishing. Did you know that only 38 kids, or 38% of the students who answered are entirely happy with the Exploration choices? Six percent are completely dissatisfied, and 56%, which is 56 kids, are only partly content with the options. Even more surprising, 85% of the kids wish that there were different options. The other 15% are happy with the options, but that’s only 15 students! Clearly, 6th and 7th graders at Design39Campus would like some more options!
Along with asking the students if they were happy with their choices, we asked them to write down any ideas of new explorations they had. There were countless suggestions, such as building, specific art subjects, and designing things. One of the most popular suggestions was a cooking and baking class. This exploration would be held in the cafeteria, and many students are eager to sign up. A lot of people had many creative and awesome ideas.
The suggestions will be brought to the attention of the LEDs at Design39, and we will try to make some of the outstanding ideas into real Explorations. We interviewed Mrs. Eveleth, who is one of the teachers that creates the Explorations. “Our whole idea is that the more input the students have, the more they’re going to like their classes, and the more engaged they’re going to be.” The LEDs worked with students at the beginning of the year to create the current Explorations. For the next semester, the teachers will use even more student input to try and create Explorations for everyone’s interests.
Explorations are times when kids can explore something new, and test out something that they’ve had interest in.  “They can realize, ‘You know what? This just isn’t for me, and I won't be taking this again.’ Or, they might get into it and think it's really cool, and realize they're really interested in it,” says Mrs. Eveleth.
Thank you once again to all who took time to fill out our short survey. Who knows, next semester you might be able to sign up for the exploration that you suggested!

Click on this link and it will take you to a summary page of the survey responses!