Volunteer Badge Ball

Volunteer Badge Ball
Sasha and Taylor
School News Team

On September 9, 2015 we got the chance to interview the amazing volunteer badge ball, inspired by Sony. We also spoke with Mary Heald who works in the office and is in charge of the volunteer badge ball since the ball can't talk, of course. 

We learned that they had four attempts before the one we have now. People kept on thinking they were trash and that is why they put the sign up. The ball has been named “The Boulder.”

The average amount of stickers that are placed on a normal day is about 15-20 stickers, during a grade event there are about 50-100 stickers, and on a big event is a huge amount of stickers. We did the math and figured out that Mrs. Debra Cooper has the most stickers from the beginning of the year because she is the leader of the Collaborative. We also thought that the motion mangers would have a lot of stickers because they come every day. 

Mrs. Heald told us that the ball has actually been thrown. A little kid wanted to put on a badge, so they allowed the kid to throw “The Boulder” around. 

The ball weighs about five pounds. Visitors have put about 100 to 300 stickers on top. About 20 percent of people put stickers on the sides.  This has made it so that the ball is very lop-sided.  We want to find out solutions to make the ball as round as the Sony ball.

Thank you Mary for giving the ball a voice for the school.