The One and Only, Ms. Sinno

The One and Only, Ms. Sinno
by Gabriella and Skylar, School News Team

Ms. Sinno and some of her students

Do you know Ms. Sinno? Well we would be happy to introduce her to you. Ms. Sinno is a 4th and 5th grade teacher with lots of spirit.
She started her path to teaching with student teaching at Solana Beach, San Marcos, and Vista. This will be her first year as an LED. She wanted to be a teacher to because she loves helping kids and wants them to realize their true potential. Ms. Sinno’s teaching philosophy on homework is Fun Work. “I think that most of the work should be done in the classroom and some practice at home.” Ms. Sinno states, “ Or I heard about the flipped approach, do the homework in class and learn about it at home.”
Gavin, one of her students, loves her as a teacher. Gavin said that he heard, “she’s straight out of college. She’s a really good teacher, I like her alot.”
Ms. Sinno is very compassionate teacher and brings great vibes to D39C, and we are glad to have her here.