The Marvelous Mr. Marcel

The Marvelous Mr. Marcel
By Sydney Wallace and Maya Mahboubi

While you were in the summer sunshine playing around and splashing in the water, people were being hired to work at our amazing school. One of the people  is Mr. Marcel, the new afterschool supervisor at D39C BRIDGE.

When Mr. Marcel is not working he enjoys making surfboards and he loves to do things involving water.  In fact, this summer he made 10 surf boards! During the summer Mr. Marcel was very busy.  One great accomplishment was hiking Half Dome in Yosemite National Park and overcame his fear of  heights, making it all the way to the top.

A lot of the time I'm sure you hear people saying this school is amazing because it's all on computers.  Yes, that may be true, which we all like.  But not Mr. Marcel.  He says,  “I enjoy how you may not use pencil and paper as much as other schools and use more technology, but what I liked the most was how all the teachers and students are engaged and having fun with what they were learning.”

Mr. Marcel likes to work with the smaller kids because of how fun and interesting it can be.  He likes to be able to tie their shoes and get the things they need off the taller shelves. Another reason he likes to work with little kids is because it is a bit more challenging, and you can help them more than the older kids need.

One of the challenges Mr. Marcel has been facing is learning all the students and parents names, there are 220 kinds which means 440 parents. So if you ever see him make sure to tell him your name.

Now that you have heard of Mr. Marcel, I really hope that you get a chance to meet him.   You can find him in the BRIDGE room in front of the school. If you ever bump into him make sure to say hello, tell him your name,  and “Welcome to D39C.”