Speech, A Program for Kids

Speech, A Program for Kids
by Nitya and Angelyn

There are a lot of great programs offered at our school,  but not everyone really learns about them.  We want to share some information about one of those great programs, the speech program.  We got to talk to the teacher of speech, Mr. Burrows, and we got to learn all about things that are happening at speech.

Screenshot 2015-09-15 at 10.53.10 AM.pngWhat is speech? Well, speech is a program for kids that need help with their pronunciation and speaking.  The speech program helps kids by giving kids strategies to communicate their thoughts easily and so it is also understandable.

There are about 65 students from all of the grade levels that take speech class, from kindergarten to 7th grade. Mr. Burrows likes to work with kids from all grades in small groups and sometimes just one student by themselves.
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Now you may wonder why Mr. Burrows would want to teach speech out of everything else he could have picked to teach?  Why did he even choose to teach?  Well, here’s the answer to that.  Mr Burrows said, “Well, prior to being a speech teacher, I was a 3rd grade teacher and before that I worked at ESS, so I always knew that I wanted to work in schools, and then that time after that, just kind of deciding what other fields I wanted to go into and really like what the speech teachers were doing.”  During Speech, kids take part in a number of activities from playing games to doing projects to reading stories and practicing strategies.

The speech program is great, but it is not just there for no reason.  It is here at Design39 not just for the kids who want to be in it.  It is here for the kids that need help with their own speech.  Speech is here for you, for me, and for anyone that needs it.