Ms. Richardson - The People Person

The People Person
By Grace & Lauren, School News Reporters
Ms. Richardson… Ms. Richardson is our Design Faciliator, also known as Assistant Principal. She has come to Design39Campus very recently and is warming up to our futuristic school.
During an interview with her, she said that our ways of learning are “...spreading like wildfire” and before the school even opened, a principal all the way from Australia came to look at our school. He learned about it on Twitter! There are many ways that others are finding out about our school, this excites Ms. Richardson that we can share how we are learning here at Design39Campus.
One of Ms. Richardson’s favorite thing is people. She is “such a people person.” She said that she loves watching people think and evolve around this new school.
We are very lucky to have Ms. Richardson as one of our principals. She has brought many excellent  qualities and hopes to use her people personality to make  a difference here on campus.