Mrs. DeLaTorre: Our New 6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. DeLaTorre: Our New 6th Grade TeacherPhoto on 9-11-15 at 11.41 AM.jpg

Say hello to a new teacher at Design39Campus, Mrs. De La Torre, if you happen to pass her in the hallway. She will greet you kindly and possibly engage you in a short conversation. Mrs. De La Torre is very kind and will help with anything that you need.
Mrs. De La Torre used to teach at Valley Elementary in Poway where she learned to become a teacher. Valley Elementary has a Spanish immersion so it suited her perfectly.  Later she taught in Encinitas and Carlsbad where she learned how to teach middle school kids. She is now a 6/7 grade teacher at Design39Campus. This is her 8th year teaching.
This great teacher used to love to teach 3rd grade, but when she taught in Encinitas and Carlsbad her love grew for most every grade. Mrs. De La Torre now teaches Language Arts, Social Studies, Spanish, Math, and more. She especially loves to teach Spanish because it is her native language.
Mrs. DeLaTorre says, “I wanted to teach at Design39 because I heard that it was a wonderful, innovative, futuristic, future-minded school.”  Thanks to Mrs. DeLaTorre, so many students are having a great year at Design39Campus.