Meet Mrs. Mai, The Kid Magnet!

Meet Mrs. Mai, The Kid Magnet!
Article By: Julia and Ava - The School News Team

Do you remember your years in preschool? Well let’s take you back. On Tuesday August 26, 2015, we had an opportunity to speak to the newest face to the preschool team, the amazing Mrs. Mai! Before coming to Design39Campus, Mrs. Mai taught preschool at Highland Ranch for the past four years, and before that she was at Rolling Hills.  Before that she was at Stone Ranch, such dedication! After being at all of those amazing schools, why did she choose to come to Design39Campus? Well, she had heard a lot of great things about D39 and she feels like, “A lot of the philosophy that Design39 follows, I did the same in my class before and I felt like if I had a group of children that I can help and challenge them to think the way Design39 is set up to do, then I can really really help them.” Wow, Mrs. Mai really cares about her kids!
Her favorite thing about Design 39 Campus is, “ All the people here. Everyone is just so happy and friendly all the time!”
Mrs. Mai is especially ecstatic about working with all of the preschoolers! She just loves the “little ones” and says that they are a joy and a new, fresh person everyday, and they just love to come and learn. The thing that they love most is playing with Mrs. Mai! The biggest difference is she went from 24 kids at the other schools to 48 students that are shared between teachers here at D39. It is very busy so that the kids are always learning and moving around!
We asked two kids that were playing with Mrs. Mai what there favorite things about her were. We asked a girl what her favorite thing about Mrs. Mai was and she said that Mrs. Mai jokes around with her and that it's funny and she loves it! Next, we asked a boy and he said that he loves to play with her!

We are so happy that Mrs. Mai joined the preschool team at Design39Campus. All of the preschoolers are very lucky to have her along with our other amazing preschool teachers.Thank You Mrs. Mai!