Design39Campus Counselor, Ms. Sage

IMG_8293.JPGDesign39Campus Counselor, Ms. Sage
Say hello to a new counselor at Design39Campus, Ms. Sage. If you happen to pass her in the Welcome Center or anywhere else on campus, you very well could brighten her day.
Ms. Sage was working in a different district before this year. She came to Design39Campus because she did some research on our school and saw the school on the news when we first opened last year.

She loves being a counselor, especially at Design39Campus. Ms. Sage states, “I thought that the whole idea of the school is really cool because I’m used to kind of a traditional style school.”  Ms. Sage helps out with the students and walks around to see what is going on around our campus. So it looks like the new counselor job for Ms. Sage will be perfect for her. She will fit right in with all the other staff members of our school.

Ms. Sage also stated, “I also have worked with middle school students and elementary and I really like all the grades and so I’m really excited to be here where there’s more choices than just K through five, that goes all the way up to seven.”
Thank you, Ms. Sage, for being the new counselor for our school, Design39Campus. You will be a great counselor this year.