Craftastic Halloween DIYs

Craftastic Halloween DIYs
By: Cadence N. and Malak S.

This Halloween let’s get creative with our decorations!  We need interesting and different ideas. After all, Design39 was meant to be different. 

          Our first crafting idea is an orange candy holder. In order to make these, you must have 1 orange, a knife, a spoon, and some small candy. First, cut the top of the orange off with the knife and scoop out the sweet insides with your spoon. Next carve your desired face onto you orange. The only thing left to do is fill it with delicious candy. Mmmm. This candy holder is fun and easy to make and it is a cute way to store your candy.

The next impressive craft is the napkin ghosts. All you need is a napkin, a marker, a lollipop, and a ribbon or string. To make your mini ghost, place you lollypop in the middle of the napkin and wrap the napkin around it. The round part at the top is the head of the ghost. Tie the string or ribbon around the napkin so that the head is separated from the rest of the body. Finally, draw the desired face on the head of you're ghost.  When you’re done using it as a decoration, you can enjoy a sweet lollipop.

Next is a spooky decorated door. What you need to make a Frankenstein door is a big piece of green tissue paper, a large piece of black tissue paper, regular white paper, tape, scissors, and a black marker (if you would like a stitch on the face of Frankenstein). First take some green tissue paper and cover your door with it. Attach this to the door with your tape. Next, cut out the shape of the hair out of the black tissue paper. When you tape this, you should only tape the top so that it “flows in the musty wind.” Use the scraps of the black tissue paper to make the mouth and the pupils of the eyes. Then cut out the shape of the eyes and the teeth out of the white paper. Tape these things on and finally add the optional stitch on the side of the head. Remember, you’re free to be creative and make other creatures on you door.

Lastly, we’re going to show you how to make an egg carton bat. You’re going to need an egg carton, googly eyes, black paint, glue, and a string or ribbon if you would like to hang the bat from the ceiling. First, cut the egg carton so you have 3 egg holders like the picture on the left. Next, cut the egg holders on the sides so that the open end is spiky. Then paint your bat completely black. Let the paint dry then glue your googly eyes onto your bat. Then glue on your string or ribbon if you are going to hang the bat. If you aren’t going to hang it then place it on something and admire your beautiful bat. 

TADAAA! These are our Halloween DIY’s! We hope you enjoy our Halloween DIY’s and hope you try some at home! Have a Spook-tastic time!

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