A Little Bit of Hawaii at Design39

A Little Bit of Hawaii at Design39
by Nitya and Angelyn, School News Reporters

WIN_20150821_14_51_06_Pro.jpg There are many students and teachers here at our wonderful school. Some are new to the program.  Others can consider themselves to be experts of Design39. But does everyone know all the people that makes this school so great?  Does everyone know about one great teacher named Mrs. Cotton?

Mrs. Cotton is a teacher from Hawaii. With a passion for early childhood, she taught preschool in Hawaii for 11 years before coming to California, because her husband’s work shifted to a new area. When she came to California, she became a substitute for our school district, PUSD.  Once Design39 was built, she came to teach preschool at Design39, and in her second year here, she is now teaching kindergarten.

Mrs. Cotton has taught in many places, but out of all the schools there were, she choose Design39 as the best.  Why did she choose PUSD? Why Design39?
She started teaching as a substitute in PUSD, because it was the school district that her children went to.  But then the question still remains.  Why Design39?  She said, “For as long as I can remember, I have ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher. Not just any teacher, a teacher that will make a difference. And now at D39C, I can and I will!”

WIN_20150827_11_10_37_Pro (2).jpg
From a preschool in Hawaii to a substitute in PUSD. From the Design39 Preschool to Design39 Kindergarten. Ms. Cotton is one of the many teachers that make Design39 so great.