What if School Were Place Where Students Could...?

We have been getting outstanding feedback in our parent workshops.  It is refreshing to see that your ideas and hopes for school align with the work that we do everyday at Design39Campus. 
At our last two workshops we changed up our format a bit and asked people to complete this sentence, What if schools were places where students could...?  Individually and then collectively as a group, parents wrote all their ideas on sticky notes.  (Keep in mind that these statements were created before we presented the ideas that the team has been working on for D39C.)

Each group summarized the ideas to create one statement to share with the group.

What if schools were places where students could...?
"Maximizing students' potential at their own pace."

 "Creativity and passion should be encouraged.  All kids should be accepted, feel safe, and have a mentor."
 "A new way of expanding positive learning."
"...could explore languages, music, and have many options."
"Creativity, explore solutions through hands-on learning and brainstorming, making one ready to face real world issues."
"Excited, self-motivated students who can communicate their enthusiasm and ability in real-world situations."
"Students were challenged, self-directed, have ownership, and able to discover their passions."
"Challenged, motivated in small class size."
"Learn at their own pace and manner."
"Kids could have fun learning what they want to learn at their own pace/level in an innovative environment while exploring arts and different subject matters on a different level."
"What is schools were a place where learning was fun and diverse, where creativity and teamwork were a priority preparing children for a global workplace.  Children could follow their passions in an open classroom."
"School should be a place where students are allowed a sense of freedom and security to create and explore in a self-directed environment."
How exciting is that?!  A common thread we hear over and over is the need to bring creativity back into schools.  We want students to be in the center of the learning experience.  Feedback from all of our information workshops is available on the Community Feedback section of our website.

What to know more about D39C?  Check out our guiding principles and mission statement.

What do you think?  What if school was a place where student could...?

Kelly Eveleth