Welcome to the Design 39 Campus Blog!

We are so glad you are here!  This is a great opportunity for us to share what we have been working on.  You can expect frequent updates from our team on our latest research and planning, as well as updates on school construction.

Speaking of construction, have you seen the school site lately?  Perhaps you have seen the gigantic crane looming overhead while driving down Camino Del Norte?  Steel beams are quickly multiplying and we now have our first set of structures framed.  This is the view from the south side taken from the Del Norte High School parking lot.  The outdoor pavilion, fitness center, and cafeteria are now in place!  

The Design39Campus team will be working out of Del Norte High School this year while our school is being built.  Of course, one of the advantages of this set-up is that we get to be across the street from our soon-to-be home.  

We have our own collaboration classroom, which we have fondly nicknamed the "collaboratory."  The past few weeks have been spent designing our space and plastering the walls with sticky notes and idea maps.  Our focus this month has been determining our critical path and creating a timeline of our upcoming work.

We hope you are as excited about Design39Campus as we are!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook (Poway Unified School District New K-8) and Twitter (@Design39Campus) for more updates!