AMAZING RACE39: Grab your friends and play our first Amazing Race39 on Saturday, December 10th from 11AM - 3PM. Come experience ethnic food, cultural activities and performances, and celebrate D39C’s diversity by visiting country booths representing China, India, Philippines, Brazil, Japan, USA, and more at this FREE event. Form a team with your friends, and run The Amazing Race39, just like the TV show! Team sign ups are now open here

Coat Drive!

Do you have an extra coat or two? Donate it!

Girl Scout Brownie Troop 2104 is holding a ONE WARM COAT drive and collecting clean, gently worn coats of all types and sizes. Donation bins will be located at:

Design 39 Campus - 17050 Del Sur Ridge Rd.

Del Sur Residence - 15864 Kristen Glen

Dr. Ellen Im - Pediatric Dentistry Office: 13422 Pomerado Rd. #201 Poway, CA

Donated coats will be distributed to those in need in our local community. Winter is coming soon!  Help today!

Learn more:

No coats to donate? Text "COAT" to 80100 to donate $5 right now! $5 provides 10 coats!


Kid Power . . . To The Rescue!

Hey, my name is Tej Gulati and I am going to talk about the Kid Power Program by UNICEF that I joined during summer. This program is supported by UNICEF, a global organization that helps emergency needs of children around the world. UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund.

UNICEF recognized that there are many kids around the world that don’t have food to eat... so, it’s an emergency. UNICEF fixed that problem by creating the UNINEF Kid Power band. The way the program works is that you get a Kid Power band from Target. Then you register the band in UNICEF app. After that the band counts every step you take even when you are playing soccer, basketball or simply running. For every 2,500 steps you take, you get a point; and for every 10 points you earn, UNICEF delivers a food packet to malnourished kids. You can go on Missions, you can create a team. If you want to join my team, you can do that by going to the app, looking for “Jetfit” and clicking on“follow”.

"For every 2,500 steps you take, you get a point; and for every 10 points you earn, UNICEF delivers a food packet to malnourished kids."

My highest one day record of steps was 28,756 and right now I have given 19 food packets to malnourished kids. Come by and see my band if you would like… it’s pretty cool!!

Remember: get active and save lives. Don’t forget to follow me on the UNICEF app.

Kid Power….to the Rescue!!!!


Join us for Experience39 on August 12 from 4-7pm!

Join us for Experience39@Design39Campus on Friday August 12 from 4:00-7:00 PM! Open to currently enrolled Design39Campus families.  Connect with the D39C Collaborative and join Principal Joe Erpelding as we kick off the new year!  Meet current and new Learning Experience Designers and engage in LED-designed challenges for students. Experience Minds in Motion,  delicious food trucks, and more! We hope to see you there!

TK/K/1 Back to School Parent Information Night

Attention all TK/K/1 parents! We invite you to join us on Thursday, August 11th from 6:00-7:30 PM in the Showcase @ Design39Campus for a parent information night.

We will be covering many of the typical beginning of school questions and you'll have a chance to get to know your child's Homeroom LED! This informational event is more focused towards parents, and we encourage coming without children.

We look forward to meeting you all and are excited to start another amazing school year!

A D39 Love Letter

Thank you Maria! 

At the Friday coffee chat last week, Mindy Ahrens invited us parents to share what's going well at school this year. I've been blown away by what my kids have brought home or shared with me about their learning, and have been meaning to send a follow up to the D39 love letter I sent you in January, so she was my motivation to get this out sooner rather than later!

I love that Carter has rediscovered the distinct voice he gave to his writing back in Kindergarten, but lost the year before he started D39. His humor and personality again shine through informative writing about animal senses, the Kumeyaay and Spanish missionaries, the history of football, and narrative writing about what his favorite part of spring break was or what a quote from Ghandi about limited resources means to him. Thanks to Mrs Castillo and Mrs Johnson, he embeds this voice within the appropriate structure of writing as he incorporates catchy hooks, examples and evidence to support his claims, and conclusions.

I love that he enjoyed writing the history of football book so much, that he and his friends researched and wrote short books about spiders, praying mantis, and Tasmanian tigers in their free time at school. How many 9 year old boys do that?!

I love that he spent time in Mrs Gilles maths class learning about money, and working through complex real world scenarios involving purchases and change. I love that he and his friends researched and presented on the history of money, including ancient forms of currency. I love that he is exploring geometry and perimeter, again through examples that apply content to real life.

I also love that he continues to devise intricate football plays with his friends during every recess, got to experience a special Google virtual field trip, and most of all because of the confidence and articulation he has developed at D39, he continues to be his own advocate and make good choices in and out of school.

I love that Beckett built a working clock as part of his math unit with Ms Jacobs on telling time, and each student personalized their clock face with unique elements that reflected their interests. I love that in reading writing mash up, he not only learned the OREO (opinion, example, reason, opinion) strategy for persuasive writing, but Mrs Kasner also taught them elements of debate such as how to rebut an argument! In first grade. And I love that he identifies "OREO" opportunities while riding in the car when he hears what he thinks is the best song, or reading a book he thinks is the best.

I love that he is yet again engrossed in Kasner's Oceanography Deep Dive, researching animals in the deepest parts of the abyss with his friends,  and learning to write cursive and fun fonts in Awesome ABCs. 

I also love that Mrs Kasner took him to see the pizza-box-life-size-periodic-table that 5th graders created because she knows how interested he is in elements and their characteristics. Most of all, I love that his insatiable thirst for learning is only fueled more by the daily experiences he has at D39, and that he has the confidence to look for answers and create solutions at home as well as at school.

I love how warm and caring the Welcome Center and Wellness staff are; providing comfort to my kids when they are hurt or sick, facilitating early releases for appointments that cannot be scheduled after school, and always making me feel valued and not an imposition, even when I create more demands on their time.

Lastly, I love how receptive and open our principal is to meeting with us parents, hearing and empathizing with our concerns, and allowing us the chance to devise and try out solutions to these. I love how tirelessly everyone is working towards the common vision that D39 was born from, and I am excited to see the extraordinary things students create, achieve, and innovate next year.

A big fan always,

Pod C Kindergartners Imagine their Dream Houses

Kindergarteners in Mrs. Power & Mrs. Fousek's homeroom have been learning about geometry, measurement, retelling stories, story sequence, and comparing and contrasting. Here is a video to give you a tiny view into the learning happening in this architecture experience.

Join us for Connect39 Coffee Chat


CONNECT39: Our last coffee chat of the school year is TODAY (May 20), at 10:30AM (please note new time) in the SHOWCASE. Please join us for an opportunity to learn more about the 2016-2017 Design39Campus Experience (our advancements planned for next year to enhance our students' learning success) with Joe Erpelding, Kyle Kupper, and Amy Richardson. To view the live stream,  see below:

Student Powered Interviews

Throughout the month of May, Design39Campus (D39C) had the opportunity to host teacher candidates from around the country to experience a taste of what it is like to be an LED at Design39Campus. As part of our multi-faceted hiring process, potential teacher candidates participate in a design thinking group process to showcase their abilities to collaborate in a team environment.

In the past, our interview panel consisted of D39C team members. This year, we decided to try something new! In addition to staff, students were invited to the interviews as well.

"Design39Campus is a student powered school, and we are so thrilled to have students be a part of this work," said Joe Erpelding, Principal of D39C. "When you think about it, kids are directly impacted by our staff everyday, and hearing their voices allows us to choose the best possible LEDs for our kids and families."

The students on our panel were selected by their teachers and took time out their evening to spend with us. Our kids had many ideas to share with our team, and their feedback was critical in our decision making.

"We were so amazed by their insightful feedback," said Judy Caraang, a 4/5 LED at Design39Campus. "Our kids really have a grasp of what it means to be a great team player. So glad they could join us!"

Watch the video below to learn more about our student powered interviews!