BRIDGE: Building Relationships through Innovation, Design, and Global Exploration

The Extended Student Services (ESS) Program extends Poway Unified School District's educational program into the hours before and after school (6:30AM to 6PM), and during school vacations, for elementary school aged children. ESS provides a comprehensive program of developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities. ESS is fee based.

Since Design39Campus is looking at changing the way we do school, ESS is doing the same.  We are changing the way we do ESS and we are becoming an extension of the school day known as the “BRIDGE” program.  Our BRIDGE program stands for Building Relationships through Innovation, Design, and Global Exploration. 

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Site Telephone Number: (858) 676-6516 


-Summer 2019 ENROLLMENT-

Current/Continuing Families: March 18th - March 29th

-     Summer/Fall 2019 form filled out completely 

Current Families with NEW SIBLINGS: March 18th - March 29th

-     Summer/Fall 2019 form

-     Updated enrollment packet

New Families: Sign-ups begin April 2nd

-     Summer/Fall 2019 form

-     New enrollment packet

-     $100 Registration fee (credit card authorization or check)

Fees and Session Dates:

Session 1:      June 19-July 3rd    * *Cancel by May 20th   

1st Child: $385; 2nd Child: $346.50

Session 2:      July 8th- July 26th   * *Cancel by June 10th

1st Child: $525; 2nd Child: $472.50

Session 3:      July 29th- August 14th   **Cancel by July 1st  

1st Child: $455; 2nd Child: $409.50

Are you from another school and currently in ESS? Let us know when signing up!


BRIDGE Team Contacts

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